Hamidreza Almasi
CS Ph.D.

I recently earned my Ph.D. from the Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois Chicago (UIC). During my time at UIC, I was a member of the BITS Networked Systems Lab, where I conducted research under the guidance of Prof. Balajee Vamanan. My doctoral work focused on networked systems with a specialization in low-latency data center transports and programmable data planes. Additionally, I explored the development of scalable distributed machine learning systems across the communication efficiency and fault-tolerance dimensions in AIOpt Lab under the supervision of Prof. Sathya Ravi.

Before pursuing my Ph.D., I obtained my M.Sc. from Sharif University of Technology and my B.Sc. from University of Tehran. I am excited about discovering new opportunities and making impactful contributions to scalable distributed training in high-performance data centers. I am currently seeking full-time positions in AI infrastructure and HPC networks. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to collaborate or have any other inquiries.


  • Scalable Machine Learning Systems
  • HPC & AI Infrastructure
  • Data Center Networks
  • Programmable Data Planes


University of Illinois Chicago
2017 - 2023
Ph.D. Computer Science
Sharif University of Technology
2013 - 2015
M.Sc. Computer Engineering
University of Tehran
2008 - 2013
B.Sc. Electrical and Computer Engineering

Recent Publications

See my google scholar for the updated list
Flag Aggregator: Scalable Distributed Training under Failures and Augmented Losses using Convex Optimization, 2024, ICLR
Almasi, H. , Mishra, H. , Vamanan, B. , Ravi, S. N.
Protean: Adaptive Management of Shared-Memory in Datacenter Switches, 2023, INFOCOM
Almasi, H. , Vardekar, R. , Vamanan, B.
TCP is Harmful to In-Network Computing: Designing a Message Transport Protocol (MTP), 2021, HotNets
Stephens B. E. , Grassi, D. , Almasi, H. , Ji, T. , Vamanan, B. , Akella A.
Smartbuf: An Agile Memory Management for Shared-Memory Switches in Datacenters, 2021, IWQoS
Rezaei, H. , Almasi, H. , Vamanan, B.
Pulser: Fast Congestion Response using Explicit Incast Notifications for Datacenter Networks, 2019, LANMAN
Almasi, H. , Rezaei, H. , Chaudhry, M.U. , Vamanan, B
ICON: Incast Congestion Control using Packet Pacing in Datacenter Networks, 2019, COMSNETS
Rezaei, H. , Chaudhry, M.U. , Almasi, H. , Vamanan, B.